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Collective Space Story

Collective Space helms a collection of carefully curated lifestyle products that include multi-generational fashion labels like Ipanema, Rider and Zaxy. Purposefully housed together, some of these brands have attained global reach in the fashion sector. With a core value in carrying labels that amalgamate originality, quality and functionality, every customer can be assured to go home guilt-free with winning styles that last! Keeping the collective progressive, more earmarked labels - both fashion and lifestyle based - are set to be released in the near future. Subscribe for current updates.



The highly successful sandal label has been the market’s trendsetter for the past two decades. Since its inception in Brazil in 2001, Ipanema has expanded substantially and now stocks worldwide in over 100 countries. Revered as an all-season icon, the footwear staple boasts a huge selection of fashionable, functional sandals and flip-flops for men, women and kids. Having collaborated with iconic figures like Philippe Starck and Gisele Bündchen, Ipanema dominates the street and beach footwear scene hands down. By reimagining styles and keeping in trend, Ipanema inspires new ones as well, making it a truly evolving and inventive label - Always New, Always Ipanema.


Zaxy was created with the intent to embody the essence of carefree youth, while keeping, in parallel, a high standard of quality with its women-only footwear. Progressive, diverse and distinctive all at once, the Brazilian label is the embodiment of iconic finesse. Staying true to its older sister’s - Melissa - values, Zaxy remains just as committed to reducing its carbon footprint by going vegan, eco-friendly, fully recyclable and phthalate-free. Alongside price points that are so affordable, Zaxy also stocks an adorable selection for little ones, making it a go-to brand for all generations of ladies!


It is not often that you come across a brand that aptly suits your lifestyle to a tee, one that is so unique that it doesn’t need to be pegged to any season’s trend to be considered trendy. Rider has all the works of that and more! Made for men, yet versatile enough to suit women, Rider packs a punch in its distinct footwear selection of sandals and slides. Motivated by the arts - fashion, music and sports scenes -, every pair is created responsibly to be 100% recyclable, made from recycled plastic, and non-toxic. A perfect creation for the conscious and urban consumer.